G'day there yourself!

This site has been a long time coming. It is intended to be rather broad in scope and as a result I doubt it will rank for much at all in the search engines. Despite this, I wanted a site that covered who I have been, who I am and who I am going to be. At my age, currently 58, I have had a diverse and immense range of experiences that I would love to share with people.

My life today is a reflection of that collection of experiences. Sometimes it's odd, but you actually can look back and see how one thing has led to another, how one experience has built on another one, all with the purpose of leading you to who you are and what you are today. I believe I still have a lot to offer, although sometimes people would have you believe you are over the hill at 45. It's how you share your experience that can often be the critical factor.

These days, I like to share my experience through voluntary work in the mental health area. In addition I love to get up and spruik in front of a crowd and share my thoughts on a range of things from customer service to business growth. I suppose the public speaking comes from years of performing as an entertainer. In yet another world, I love to share my skills by developing web sites and getting them ranked high in the search engines. I draw a lot on my experience in sales and accounting/business advice when doing this type of work.

When I look back over my life generally, I have been and am still one of the very lucky people to whom the great quote from Confucius applies.  He said, "Do something you love and you will never work a day in your life!"  I am still doing the things I love and therefore I'm still not working.

Perhaps I can help you with one of my many skills. Do you need a public or keynote speaker for a conference or get together. If so, then have a look at the wide range of issues that I can provide talks about in the public speaking area of the site. Perhaps you are interested in psychiatric health and the charity work I do in this area. You might like to go on a motorcycle ride to support these issues or perhaps even just donate. If so then check out the charity area of the site.

Finally of course, if you need a web site or your existing site optimised for the search engines, then have a look in the web solutions area of the site.

Whatever it is that I know, whatever it is that I have experienced, I am passionate about passing on that knowledge and experience to others. It is a remarkable feeling to see the lights go on for someone simply as a result of being able to share an experience with them. I hope I can share some of my experiences and skills with you.

Ric Raftis speaking on a television interview

Ric spent many years as an entertainer playing guitar and singing. He also did many performances as a bush poet. This background has prepared him well for speaking to crowds on the many topics with  which he is familiar. You can be assured of not only an informative presentation, but also one that entertains so that the audience is never bored. Read more on the topics that Ric can present to your business group or audience.

Ric selling tickets for the Black Dog Ride raffle

Ric's is heavily involved with mental or psychiatric health in his personal life. He is the Victorian Co-ordinator for the Black Dog Ride which raises awareness of depression and suicide prevention. Although the ride also raises funds for various organisations involved in the mental health arena, it is an imperative to start the conversations. Ric also volunteers as a Community Visitor and is on the Loddon Healthy Minds committee. Read more about Ric's personal life.

Web solutions, web sites, marketing, social media and SEO solutions

 A total service in web solutions. If it's internet, then Ric has been involved. From custom web sites that are built on the basis of how you want to be found in Google, to social media to practically anything else to do with the internet. Ric has been on the web since the 1990's and developing sites since 1998. That's a lifetime of experience on the web. Tap into all this knowledge for your own sites or perhaps a keynote address to your business group. Read more about Web Solutions